GeoPose at VIEW (GeoPose in Action!)

Hello everyone!

To illustrate my presentation, an image similar to the above was submitted to VIEW. They have their own style, so it may not be used. However, the above image does illustrate the topics of my talk about SPATIAL CINEMA. The topics: GeoPose, Volumetric, Bubiko Foodtour and the possibilities between AR and storytelling, food and tourism.

My presentation will have a Powerpoint, but what I would really like to do is:

show GeoPose in action.

Is this possible?

Even if it is not, your thoughts on the following would be very appreciated, and will make my presentation as accurate as possible.

GeoPose in Action Project

Location: Turin, but that is dependent upon visa/virus. Alternative spaces in Austin, NYC, New Orleans or Detroit.

Tech support: Whom do I contact?  I realize Geopose is extremely new; full of variables and unknowns. With my limited amount of knowledge, is BorderGo a company I should contact?


Project Description:

Bubiko in a public location, ideally on a table top. She could speak about the food on the table, the restaurant, or provide information about a museum or tourist area. Of course, a large area is also possible.

But, even a simple graphic attached to statue or tree would also work. 

My presentation is one hour, but the GeoPose demonstration could take place for the entire event, October 18-23.

Thank you for any thoughts you may have. VIEW is expected to be a great way to increase awareness of the possibilities of Geopose, as well as volumetric, 3D audio and more.

Note: Perhaps the above idea could be used to promote one or more of the following?

  • 13th-14th of October 2020, Open Spatial Computing Hackathon + The 3th State of the AR Cloud Symposium and Showcase Event
  • December 2020: The 2020 OSCP Global Launch Event (final date to be announced). A proof of concept reference implementation of the OSCP is demonstrated in multiple cities across the world.
  • Q1 2021: Preparation Summit for “OSCP Blitzscaling alliance.”
  • Q2 2021: “OSCP Blitzscaling alliance” participates in launch of commercial scale up MVP-level OSCP services in select cities around the world.

The following are notes related to GeoPose

OARC September 5 gathering

BorderGo, a Norwegian company is doing pioneering work with GeoPose-like ideas.
from my presentation at ARIA at MIT, February, 2020
Also from the MIT presentation. BorderGo in action!

Testing Bubiko/testing ideas. (Bubiko now has been updated and given beautiful smile-without teeth!)


Experiment with text and facebook Spark. Aroi mak mak is Bubiko's catchphrase; it means "very delicious" in the Thai language.
Bubiko at the WeWork office in London on Halloween. Also, a test for a language learning idea.
Bubiko at the 2019 Pierogi Festival, Whiting Indiana

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