Gold Food (Book Merah food compilation +)

Flavors, thawing

The events of 2020 have resulted in a lot of thinking and self-evaluation, especially in regards to Book Merah. When I set it up, almost 15 years ago, I said I would do no marketing until I had eight books ready to go. Despite this unusual approach, one book, i ate tiong bahru,is a bestseller.

But, yeah... now is the time to connect with readers. And, one way is to present my own writing with the works of others. I realized that food is a common topic, and so; a new book project is being formed.

It's a bit like I am hosting a dinner party. The following are confirmed guests:

Tyler Dempsey, whose latest book is Newspaper Drumsticks.

Cyril Wong, whose latest project is the Infinity Diary.

Sjon's latest book does not yet seem to be in English, though three of his "classic" are being given fantastic new covers, by Sceptre.

I will update this occasionally. I am hoping to invite a few more writers. And, of course, you.

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