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Hi. Check the links and videos below if you want to know more about palm sugar, a fantastic natural sugar loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

This video is so so. That is me, reading from my book called 'i ate tiong bahru'. The audio book, voiced by Mirai Booth-Ong is brilliant! Mirai is a Los-Angeles-based Singaporean who sings, dances and entertains all over the world.

I am reading the first part of a short story called 'Dewali at Galicier'. Dewali is the name of an important celebration in India, one that celebrates Light. Galicier is one of my favorite places in the world, not just because of the incredible pastries. I used to live nearby and have all kinds of pleasant memories of Galicier. Looking forward to getting back soon!

The story is about the time I spent Deepavali at Galicier, from opening to closing.

Stay healthy!

Gula Malaka is one of the many names for palm sugar. Gula malaka is used in nearly every Peranakan dessert.

A great description of how palm sugar is used in South Indian food.

Peranakan food: what is it?


This blog post is about a food vendor in Singapore who specializes in Peranakan food. The blog is called i eat I shoot I post. It is a great way to learn about Southeast Asian food.

Bubiko loves kueh!


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If you'd like to see an unusual video about a Peranakan restaurant in NYC, click here.

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