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Press Release Ideas for IPOH AR Photo Exhibition ( world’s first)

This is a proposed idea; THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED. All comments and suggestions welcome.



Journalists, bloggers and members of the press, tourism, food, art and technology communities are invited to come and experience AR in person.

Sponsored by: AVCTISGAWD (A Visionary Company That is Great At What They Do! PLEASE GET IN TOUCH IMMEDIATELY IF YOUR COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION WOULD LIKE THEIR NAME HERE, AND ON THE IPOH APP ITSELF. 50,000 people are expected to see the IPOH AR exhibition in the first year alone.)

Augmented Reality(AR), the new information and entertainment technology appearing on millions of phones worldwide, is now also a medium for viewing photography. Photographs taken by Bubiko Foodtour of the food, spirit and heritage of Ipoh, Malaysia are now available to anyone with AR software in their phones or tablets.

Produced by Stephen Black, the 38 images are an ambient slideshow; each image displayed for one minute.

Bubiko Foodtour, AR's first superstar, is a fictional character produced by Stephen Black and Sayuri Okayama.Bubiko is a little chef from Thailand who loves researching food. Her favorite phrases is "aroi mak mak", Thai language for "very delicious." For the past year Bubiko has been travelling across Southeast Asia, introducing herself to all kinds of food professionals, at the same learning about local foods and explaining AR. Bubiko's Instagram account is aroi mak mak! The images used in the AR exhibition are from Bubiko's ebook, which is available on Amazon.(Note: Bubiko is soon to be an AR 3D character.)

About AR (Augmented Reality)

By 2019, hundreds of millions of phones and tablets will be able to display AR. Most newer iPhones are capable of displaying AR now, and AR-capable Android apps are being released constantly.

Although the most famous use of AR is Pokemon, other industries besides gaming are starting to use AR. Food, tourism, medical, educational and industrial applications are being developed.

Those attending the Ipoh AR Photo Exhibition Press Conference will have a chance to experience the excitement of AR for themselves.

LOCATION: (To be determined.) However, I hope to use a limestone cave, any one of the several in the area.A cave makes for dynamic publicity photos and is an interesting contrast to the hi-tech concept of AR. Finally, the soft lighting of a cave entrance is ideal for photographing and viewing AR.


: Hotel Abby, Symphony Suites Hotel, emily2u, The Dundercats,The Jewellery Design & Management International School

About Stephen Black: A "futurist Renaissance man", Stephen Black has successfully worked in conceptual art, gamemaking technology (Unity, C++), television production (CNN, Fuji TV, Cartoon Network), photography and traditional/360 filmmaking. His works have been exhibited worldwide and one of his eight books, i ate tiong bahru, is a national bestseller in Singapore.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: bubikofoodtour *AT * gmail.com

Augmented Reality in Asia
article about Stephen Black in Ipoh

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