Interactive Fiction: It’s All Data

It's all data is a phrase that I've thought about for quite a while. With every fresh sunrise in the digital era, the walls between categories have been melting, becoming pools that are constantly expanding. What were once rigid divisions between categories have become places of possibilities, where different types of data can interact. There are hundreds, if not thousands of examples, but Smab is a great one. I enjoy SMAB's tagline: Are you ready to listen with your eyes? Interactive Fiction! From a reddit post:
Because of its status as outsider art, most of the authors are independent freelancers who are in it more for art than any glory. If you're interested in working with people from the IF community, there is a forum at where you can discuss theory or find collaborators. Also, most of the very top programmers frequent, including people like Emily Short, who has been the top author and the face of IF for 2 decades.
I am now excited about starting my first piece of interactive fiction. It seems that I can use my experiences as a writer, an artist, a gamemaker and a music producer.At the moment, the themes are self-discovery and the facts surrounding an undiscovered 1921 painting by Picasso. This is the first of a series of posts about the possibilities and challenges of music in the An Authentic Picasso project.

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