Ipoh, Malaysia

IPOH AR Photo Exhibition Beta for Android

Hello and thank you for your interest. This link takes you to an 11 meg file for ANDROID phones.


- The instructions are in the file.

- This version is a "slide show" and the AR effect is not maximized in this version.

- Any ideas on music appreciated. Ambient musicians, do get in touch; we can cross-promote.

-The photos are of Ipoh, Malaysia.

-The photos were taken by Bubiko Foodtour.

-This is not the final version.

-Any documentation, like stills or videos, is greatly appreciated. I will be more than happy to link to anything of yours if you write something and/or send in a photo or video.

If you could post the brand and make of your phone and which Android version you have, that would be greatly appreciated.


Stephen Black

testing an AR app
Testing the world's first AR photo exhibition. Photo by Claire Monfray

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