Borg 9 Flats Livestream

A woman my age sat down next to me. Her hands were wrapped in fresh white bandages. “What happened?” She stared at me with different emotions, hatred mostly. “You wouldn’t understand. You got 100 ringgit?” I was livestreaming Borg 9 Flats on Twitch. I wasn’t doing a marathon or anything. Just seeing if anyone would show up. Maybe I could sell something. Only rosenervegas was watching. “You want one?” I pointed to the shrimp crackers by my keyboard. I wanted to see those bandaged hands try to pick up a shrimp cracker. She reached in. I jiggled the camera so she was in the video. ”Smile, you’re on candid camera.” “What’s that for? You CIA or something?” “Can I buy you a Coke?” “lol,” rosenervegas wrote. She reached across to get a cracker, almost touched me. badcarmel: feed that walrus rosenervegas: lol The schoolgirls came in and logged on. Monsterbaby: you got emo one looks like creepy pasta princessbluesky12: like love hina ravertravel1: hand transplants Jordanthe2: can she can juggle my balls Our bodies were in the little rectangle at the bottom of B9F, between the map and the skinlist. We were grainy and green, like bad reality TV. The cameras here are crap. I watched myself watching her as she tried to drink. Spilled a little Coke on her bandages. Everything on Twitch, every warrior and weapon in B9F, was glowing. Especially the castle. Everywhere around us were deep crashing sounds and little boy yelps and cursing, swordfight clangs and techno. Among all the kids thrashing in their chairs, me and the woman with the bandaged hands were like snails. Ugly old clowns. “You’re alone, right?” She sighed and sat back. It was just me in the grainy green rectangle again. hawkfire: where mummy go? bleakshywire: wa happen 2 hr handz? Dontiana came in. No one was leaving. Rayviking: handburnlady where’d she go? "Drink your Coke," I said. She asked where the toilet was. No one else watched her walk to the back. When she sat down again, she was different. Like she’d put on makeup. She reached in for another cracker and the camera picked her up. rosenervegas: she’s baaackkk. I was trying to think of something to say. “I’m only here because it’s raining. Leisure Plaza’s got better cameras. Same ping though, You’d think they’d be faster.” The woman gestured with her bandaged hands. “ I can't understand you,” she said. I found a pencil. She winced when I slid it into her bandages. I thought I was careful. This would be entertainment, like two players on the same piano. Dontiana: she gonna write or play Frenchmeow: got bandage hand emoji? Monsterbaby: wat is hapn I gently moved her hand over the Q W E keys. I use D for Flash. I jumped into my smurf account and started. She caught on, started stabbin’ the keys. I started throwin’ stones, even without her coverage. Five new people signed in. She looked excited, like she would scream any minute. We were scoring. Not much, but we were scoring. .....................................30...................................... (the background to this story is explained here)

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