3D model of soda brad in AR exhibition at Maith

Irish Soda Bread AR exhibition at Maith AR/Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans

  1. The world's first AR food-themed exhibition will officially open in August 2021 at Maith AR, the world's first permanent exhibition space for AR. Maith is an "invisible gallery" located within the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans. Utilizing GeoPose-based AR, the AR objects in Maith are permanent/semi-permanent, and can be seen by multiple users at the same time, using the free AOC 3D app developed by Augmented.City.
  2. Digital copies of the Irish Soda Bread exhibition will be available to selected venues worldwide, including museums, libraries, restaurants, bakeries and a variety of public spaces.
  3. Irish Soda Bread Exhibition at Maith: Augmented Reality, Harsh Reality part 1
  4. Irish Soda Bread Exhibition at Maith: Augmented Reality, Harsh Reality part 2
  5. Maith: my experiences producing a logo for AR
  6. Support: Augmented.City, OARC (Open Augmented Reality Cloud). XR Masters, Novaby, Six Cats Studios, Book Merah, Scandy, Hybrid,Breads on Oak, On Site Viewer, Flamingo Filters, Aunt Suzie's Catering, Mad Marker and the family of Mary Anne and Maurice Buckley.
Maith logo test

As curator/producer/ for this exhibition, I am drawing upon my experiences with food as an artist and writer. This exhibition will add a new dimension to the permanent 'Great Hunger' display at the Irish Cultural Museum, as well as showcase the potential of GeoPose-based AR. Soda bread is a modern food, yet my research so far has not yet explained how it became popular in Ireland. Almost certainly it was a response to the Great Famine, but I have yet to read how it made the leap from the United States to Ireland.

street view of the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans
Street view of the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans. The Soda Bread exhibition will be in the Museum Lounge, the room with the white door. In the back, behind the courtyard is the Saint Patrick's Coffee House. The inaugural event featured a leprechaun walking along the bar of the coffee house.

The Society for the Preservation of Irish Soda Bread is an excellent resource for those interested in this very interesting food.

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