Making Soda Bread in Time and Space September, I will be in NYC all month creating and sharing all kinds of experiences...

Background: Stephen Black is an artist/producer/writer now working on a GeoPose-based AR exhibition about Irish Soda Bread for the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans. GeoPose technical support is being provided by XR Masters and Augmented.City Additional support provided by Flamingo Filters and Novaby. Motion capture by Mad Marker. Culinary Consultant: Chef Susanna Johnson-Sharp Historical research by Stephen Black at the Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Library, in Boston. Additional Irish soda bread info by Breads on Oak.

This post shares lessons learned from a three day testing period, August 17-20, 2021. On a technical note, this was one of the first times that the browsers of Augmented.City and XR masters were used interchangeably.

Please note that the images have not been color corrected, nor manipulated in any way. They are screenshots taken with an iPhone 11 Pro Max. As for the design elements and the video content, these are rough tests for spacing and technical issues, and are in no way finalized. The exceptions to this are the great works created by Hybrid, a Hong Kong/Ireland design company. Hybrid created the Maith logo as well as the branding for Soda Bread in Time and Space.

Maith is the name of the AR gallery and the contents within it. Maith is located within the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans. The Museum has a small museum, a courtyard and the St. Patrick's Coffeehouse. When completed, the Soda Bread in Time and Space AR exhibition will be in all of these spaces. The free Maith app needed to view the exhibition will also include a guided tour of the exhibition, and more.

This test showed that the AR image is strong enough to be seen outside, even in the noon day sun of New Orleans.
Another test. Unfortunately, time did not allow for a night time test, but my feeling is that, at night, this would be of a pleasant brightness.
Besides the technical experiments, thought was given as to where to place the AR objects. Here, the sign is meant to be read from the couch.
A 3D model of modern Irish soda bread. The model slowly rotates. In this case, the viewer can move around the object, including top and bottom.
A closeup of a poster, with the text sharp and legible.
The 'World's First...' image is from a video. The yellow and green images are tests and not part of the exhibition.
Another view of the model of modern Irish soda bread.
The societal aspect of an AR exhibition was also brought to light. Because Maith/Soda Bread in Time and Space is in a shared space, the objects must be placed so that the visitors to the museum and coffee house are not disturbed.
The soft launch of Maith was on Saint Patrick's Day, 2021. This little guy danced on the bar!
This wee little man has been of great service, but we are hoping his happier replacement will be on the scene soon. Motion capture by Mad Marker.

The testing, content production and design work will continue, and by the 2022 Saint Patrick's Day, the exhibition will be finalized. Sponsorship would greatly benefit Maith and the sponsor. For several reasons, this historic exhibition could be as impactful as the 19 Crimes AR campaign.

One of two Forbes articles about 19 Crimes + AR can be found here.

An article on J Walter Thompson's very successful campaign for 19 Crimes using AR.

Sláinte agatsa!


Newspaper Drumsticks, by Tyler Dempsey. The other listing on Amazon, for the first edition of this book, has 26 very positive reviews.
One of two books launched by Book Merah in NOLA. The other book: I ate tiong bahru.

Another post about making this exhibition can be found here.

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