Lee Wen artwork

Music Documentation in Singapore

The image used to illustrate this post is from Lee Wen's band, Anyhow Blue's Project.

I was fortunate to interact with these people who make music, and I hope to continue to do so. I am now finally starting to work on Driving to Singapore, a movie project. If you are a Singaporean musician, get in touch if you have something that might work as a soundtrack.

This post is rushed; I will add more comments later today. All of these posts are full of stories, and the musicians involved all have other projects I want to highlight.(I am challenging myself to do one post a day for a week.)

Amith and I were in 3how; this is is first band's album. I did the creative direction for this one and their second. Both highly recommended.

This is a fraction of my involvement. Typewriter, and a great blues jam in the back of the Substation. A job: Tanya Chua. Lee Wen's video. Wilson Goh singing at dawn at Suntech and at the International Electronic Arts Event. ... more projects I should document online, like this.

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