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Music: SXSW 2019

an overview of all of SXSW is here…

David Aguilar: Five Latin Grammy nominations
Guy from Ohio University at Japanese expo
Stevie Ray Vaughn: wall of Snapchat House
Pablo Trujillo on Spotify
On the street...
Street corner as stage
Orions Belte
Pat Byrne, as part of the Irish Breakfast at B.D. Rileys
B.D. Rileys, on a Sunday. This photo was taken from the sidewalk: the space behind the stage was open. Do not know the band's name unfortunately, but will never forget their HARP + attitude + fun cover of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. It was just a little breakaway in a medley that rocked, rocked, rocked. (Yes, a harp, the stand up kind, or the ones that angels float around with. Not a blues harp (harmonica).
One string washtub bass. B.D. Riley's again.
In the front yard of the house where O. Henry used to live. One of my all time favorite songs.
Yellow Fang Band
Yellow Fang (Music here.)
St. Lo, from Montreal.
French for rabbits
Jonathon Bree
Riders Against the Storm
Elephant Gym, from Taiwan. Math rock.
David Byrne Reasons to Be Cheerful

All photos taken with an iPhone6s.

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