Notes on the AR Mural for the Toledo Firefighters Museum

First, what is AR, and how will this work?

When a phone or tablet with an app for AR is pointed at a real object, a digital object appears.

In the case of 19 Crimes, the label on a wine bottle triggers a story.

This link will take you to an article about the shops on a street in Toronto. They all have very small AR experiences in their shop windows:

This large wall has an AR experience, but again, it is very brief.

In the case of the Toledo Firefighters Museum, the wall itself is the target. It will not be painted or altered in any way.

The wall will not be changed in any way. To see the mural, viewers will need a free app to download into their phones or tablets.

The mural: what will it look like?

The mural has three objectives: to highlight the contents of the museum, to present Toledo's history and to raise awareness of fire safety.

The media used will be photographs, video and 3D models of objects from the museum. All those associated with the Firefighters Museum are welcome to submit ideas. However the number of digital objects is likely to be less than 30. There will be music and audio, created by Stephen Black and Doug Tracy. Doug is a descendent of Captain Jim, who in 1895, gave his life while protecting Toledo from one of the worst fires in its history. Doug has produced a CD about Captain Jim:

The mural will feature original text/signage and a variety of photos, objects and video. Some examples:

A more detailed mural proposal is now underway.

The mural is being supported by Augmented.City, with whom I have created a short AR-based film called Bubiko: Flight. Augmented.City is a contributing member of the Open Augmented Reality Cloud, an international organization dedicated to privacy and an ethical use of AR.

It should be noted that this will be the first permanent location-based AR mural in the United States, if not the world.

Happy to answer any questions....

The following two videos demonstrate the use of AR in the Italian city of Bari. Bari is the hometown of Augmented.City and the location of their historic AR testbed that comprises 100 square kilometers/33 square miles.

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