Bullet points on publishing a poetry book on Amazon

  • In Singapore, if not all of Asia, Book Merah was the first to publish a poetry ebook on Amazon. It was an honor to epublish Fires, by Cyril Wong, with cover art by George Parel. But that was long ago, when even Amazon itself was figuring out technical and other issues. Book Merah has printed (and sold out) my book titled i ate tiong bahru. The other six titles are all ebooks. It is only now, after ten+ years of nonmarketing, that Book Merah is ready to dip a leg into the pool of marketing. This post is a refresher to myself, and a guide to those ready to self-publish.
  • Newspaper Drumsticks, a poetry book by Tyler Dempsey is today's example. Here are two of Tyler's poems.
  • So, self-publishers, before you get into bed with Amazon, look at books comparable to yours. The sales pages on Amazon give you plenty to think about: description author bio, etc. This post is about those questions that are not obvious from the consumer's point of view.
  • Cover. Yes, you know you need a cover, but did you know that Amazon has a cover generator? I used it for this book because of the urgency of the Covid 19 situation. Most of the time, I don't even consider it is uninspiring and limited. However, I did use it for this version of Tyler's book. The file is a reference to those old cartoons where a file is hidden in a birthday cake which is given to a prisoner. Here, the file is a graphic contrast to the phrase "Newspaper Drumstick". The font, the clean layout and the unimaginative font, are institutional and cold. The subtitle, is what gives this cover "heat", especially, "Poems sent to a brother". At the time of this writing, I am not sure if this will be final or not. The file is a bit fuzzy when blown up, but looks good small. This is another dimension of digital publishing; almost always, you can change things easily.

(If you need to get a cover of a book on Amazon, use this.)
SO.... The question of copyright. I am the publisher ACTING AS IF I have the copyright.Amazon does not give me the option of stating the actual case. To be clear; I do not own the copyright to Newspaper Drumstick. Tyler does.
Keywords. You need to know what they are if you want to attract readers. Recommended: ubersuggest by neil patel.
Here is what I filled in. Because Tyler and I are learning as we go along, these will likely be improved as we go along. I am going to check out websites like Jane Fredman's to get a better idea of what to use for this.
Again, start preparing early. The more you learn about Amazon, the better you will do. This is the first category page you are presented with. "Poetry" is not shown...
The decisions. For now, anyway.
And, the financial side. To really go into this issue, and other points on enrolling your book on Amazon, would require a complete blog post. Her I am just giving you a quick tour of what happens behind the scenes of enrolling a poetry book on Amazon. Alsom keep in mind that you can give Amazon a variety of fies, including a word document. The best is to use InDesign or a proper ebook software. In Tyler;s case, we are open to irregularities in presentation, to a certain extent, anyway.
Here Protein, another of Tyler's poems, one in which the physical appearance is as gutsy as the words

Happy to answer any questions. Just leave a comment.

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