One minute lesson about Augmented Reality

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"Augment" means to "add to", or "improve".

AR technology adds digital information to reality. This digital information can be seen by using a phone, tablet or AR headgear. The Hololens headset, by Microsoft, is used in industrial, medical, educational and military uses.

Here is an example of AR, from an American football game:

That image is from a video that does a great job of simply explaining how the yellow line is created. In this case, the device used to "see" AR (the digital information that makes the yellow line), is the technology used by the video production company. Interestingly, in the video, the term 'AR' is not used .

AR is also called XR. AR is not VR.

AR is a huge platform, like radio, television and the internet.

Pokemon Go is based on AR. 19 Crimes Wines used AR very successfully.

AR can be used in industry/for repair/for maintenance:

Cannondale uses this for bikes, but the countless other uses of AR range from surgery to jet engine repair to teaching math, and more.

The information above is very simple, but, hopefully, is a solid introduction to the world of AR.

Once you start to see how widely used AR will become, you will understand how important GeoPose is. I will do a post about GeoPose later, but here is a start.

And, yes, I have a book about AR that I am constantly updating. However, eventually all of the info in the book appears on this blog(search!), or is on YouTube, so subscribe to learn for free.

Stay healthy! Eventually I will do a post on how AR is involved in the war on COV19, but for now I do not know enough to write knowledgeably.

On a closing note, AR is almost always viewed through a device. Here is an example in which no devices are needed. (I first saw this at Troublemaker.)

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