Pie: A brief and incomplete history of contemporary imaging.

A simple little post featuring a slice of lemon meringue pie>

Here is the piece of pie in black and white:

This digital photograph pays homage to the early days of photography when black and white film was the only possibility for creating images. Besides drawing, sculpture and painting, of course.
Another digital photograph, this one paying homage to film stocks like Kodachrome, Ektachrome and Fujichrome.
2020! This is a 3D volumetric scan made with an iPhone 11 Pro and the Scandy Pro. Volumetric scanning is revolutionizing image making, cinematography, AR and VR.
Another scan. As an artist, I value the "flaws", the incompleteness and the black spaces. However, if this were for a client or I really needed a "perfect piece of pie". I would redo the scan to make it complete.
Another exciting image showcasing the volumetric aspect of 3D scanning.
Volumetric still life
A monochromatic scan.
Pie in the sky! This was done using the AR mode on the Scandy Pro, not Photoshop.

So, there you have it, a brief and incomplete look at contemporary imaging. Hopefully I can soon update this with a volumetric video.

In closing, I give you three images. Hopefully you can imagine them as GIFS, video clips or volumetric video. Bon appetit and happy imaging!

establishing shot

I write much more thoroughly about photography; here is an example. I have also written a guide to AR.

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