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SB & 3D (Why I’m excited to be in Eugene Soh’s virtual gallery project)

THIS post was written before SPOKEN started. SPOKEN is a project I am doing with Eugene Soh, an experiment in which art, text, virtual reality and social media intersect. Learn about SPOKEN here.

To enter and experience SPOKEN, click here.

Here is the extremely short version: from 2002 until 2008 I was involved with a visionary virtual reality project that combined educational practices with gamemaking and multimedia. However, the spiritual captain of the project was part Disney, part Microsoft and part Sex Pistols. An unexpected death, treachery, incompetence, inexperience, bureaucratic boondoggles and more made my life "interesting"... I have pages of notes about the events and the spirit of the times. We were doing things like Youtube and Second Life before they started. The project was so close... and yet so far away. (Actually, now that mobile technology has settled down, I hope that the lessons and products of that experience can be revitalized. But that's yet another story.)

In 2006, as a way of showcasing our technology,  I entered a gamemaking hackathon. A theme was given on a Thursday morning and the next day at five the results were judged.The theme was something about healthy eating, I think. Working with my programmer in Hong Kong, we made a game in which the viewer learned about the calorie count of certain foods. The player competed with an AI character.  It was fun to do. However, what I remember most was a team that made an incredible flash game. I don't remember if they won or not, but I do remember two guys on that team very well. George Parel and Eugene Soh were full of energy, knowledge and bursting with creative ideas. They still are.

I've been lucky to work with George and Eugene on a few projects since then. In 2008 I finally had to put the educational gamemaking project on hold while I waited for a programmer and the mobile device situation to stabilize.I put more time into writing and art projects. George and Eugene (that dude from Singapore) however, have kept on doing remarkably creative things with IT, art, design and more.

Virtual reality may seem to be an artificial place, but the gallery Eugene has created fills me with memories and hope. I am honored and very thankful for I Ate Tiong Bahru to be on display in

IATB in virtual gallery Cheers, Eugene! Cheers, George!

4 thoughts on “SB & 3D (Why I’m excited to be in Eugene Soh’s virtual gallery project)”

  1. Raphaelle Do Lern Hwei

    Hi Stephen,
    Recall meeting me on Saturday morning at around 9am?
    I am on Facebook under Do Lern Hwei.
    I am now reading The Most Beautiful Walk in the World – A Pedestrian in Paris by a Mr John Baxter.
    Look, Paris is an internationally well known place for cafes and small eateries, a bit like where I found you, don’t you think?
    So, once again, thanks for taking an interest in the neighbourhood.

    1. Raphaelle,
      I do remember you… thank you for stopping by and talking. And, also thanks for the info on the book about walking around Paris by John Baxter. If you have any stories about Tiong Bahru, please let me know. Finally, this is the proposal I am working on for the sequel to I Ate Tiong bahru, which is called I Ate tiong bahru 2. Onward! SB

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