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This is outdated. For my startup plans, write to me directly at bubikofoodtour at mark Please look for more recent posts. This, for example, is an overview of the first three months of my AR activities in 2019. Thank you. SB

Since June 2017, I have been on a tour of Southeast Asia, building connections for my AR startup. AR is expected to become as common as GPS in late 2018. Until that time, education and relationship-building are necessary for success.

Stephen Black teaching gamemaking in Singapore
At present AR is largely unknown. What follows is a partial list of companies and individuals with whom I have explained, and/or discussed, the possibilities of AR. Nearly all of the following are food-related, and all have been introduced to Bubiko Foodtour.


Dragon Food Inc. "Dragon Food Inc is the largest soybean milk powder products manufacturing enterprises in China, with original fixed assets of more than 100 million, 10 million acres of Non-GMO soybean planting base, world-class testing equipments and advanced laboratory center. Permitted by China Green Food Development Center, we can use trademark of “Green Food” and “Certified Organic COFCC”. We are also certified by BCS OKO-GARANTIE GMBH to use trademark of “Organic Food” in both Europe and the US. Using 31 processes to extract protein from soybean effectively, we ensure the safety and healthy from the seed to dining-table and share with the world. And our products do not contain any chemicals, additives, preservatives, or artificial colors."


Harsho- the award-winning graphic novelist





Elcom Walk

Michael Kato/Japanese Greats

Many others, including associates at companies such as Fuji TV and Sony, as the result of having lived in Japan for over twenty years.


Abby Hotel, Ipoh


Hock Moon Hiong BBQ Meat PLT.

Monash University


Imagineering// second startup venture capital

Meraki tempe, Kuala Lumpur


Numerous experiences with Singapore Science Center, Ministry of Education and other institutions, as a result of a 15 year residence.Plus, extensive experiences in gamemaking and teaching gamemaking.

Singapore Youth Writers Festival 2018 Invited participant, focusing upon the relationship between writing and AR/VR.

TNB Venture Capital

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