Stephen Black: NYC, late August 2021

Now planning as many activities as possible...


Augmented Reality: Would like to install GeoPose-based AR in locations to showcase art, music and fashion. I could also give presentations as I have done worldwide.


Here is a presentation about Geopose-based AR/spatial cinema, at last year's VIEW Conference, in Turin.

Book Launch: the second edition of I ate Tiong Bahru has just been released, with a new story. Hoping to find a Singapore-connected restaurant, business or venue to do a reading have some fun and sell some books. Here is part of what happened when we launched iatb in Tiong Bahru.

Bubiko Foodtour: will be taking Bubiko all over the city. Here is Bubiko's Instagram.

Bubiko at Kopitiam, NYC

Maith- The AR gallery that originated in the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans, now expanding worldwide.

Maith's first exhibition will be about Irish Soda Bread.

No Se No: will have some videos, possibly a rough cut of a No Se No-themed video.

So, yeah... looking forward to sharing and creating in NYC. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones. Am now speaking with musicians and performers. Any tips on venues appreciated.

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