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Spatial cinema: storytelling for GeoPose-based AR productions, as well as VR and 360 Video.

The flatness of the silver screen is being replaced by realistic, immersive environments. We can now move inside of stories and look around. First person views, multi-viewer possibilities and unreal cinematography. Ambisonic sound. Augmented reality allows actors of all kinds to appear on our tables, in our backyards and on our city streets. Storytellers must be aware that the world is now, literally, a stage.

Bubiko Foodtour floating over the Seine. Image was created in camera with Facebook Spark.

There is a Hollywood expression: "if it aint on the page, it aint on the stage". But what if the stage, the actors and the camera are all digital, with no reason to obey the laws of reality, especially physics and gravity?

The word 'cinema' was invented by the Lumiere brothers, in the 1890s. It is based on two words from Ancient Greek, the words meaning 'to move' and 'to write'. With time and technology these words are become accurate, finally. No longer forced to sit in one place and look at one surface; viewers move, the images are objects which move. Image: a word from the Old French, meaning a copy, the word 'image' related to 'imitate'.

This post is just a signal flare. Depending on interest, I will condense my bits of writing gathered throughout the years and do presentations, perhaps develop a course. My credentials as a successful writer would have to to be pinned to a book called i ate tiong bahru. , and a 360 VR film which was featured in a few festivals. In the 90s I worked on a program called NYGo, which used humor to teach English. It was set in NYC, where I wrote episodes as part of a team which included top comedy writers, including those who also contributed to Saturday Night Live.

More experiences and research:

Beach Road: I wrote produced and starred in the 360video short film which was featured in three VR festivals.

Michael Naimark: I attended a two day workshop with Michael, and have done a couple of blog posts about that. For now, I share this somewhat clunky link, which gives you Michael's background in regards to VR. Among many achievements, Michael was Google's first artist-in-residence.

Oculus notes. Read this only if you are a VR nerd. It is my reaction to a Wired article by Peter Rubin on the Oculus (when it was revolutionary).

This is a link to one of my books, one called i ate tiong bahru. I am now writing a screenplay for spatial cinema based upon iatb.

Info on my GeoPose/spatial cinema-themed presentation for VIEW.

Besides writing books and content for Cartoon Network, Fox, CNN and Fuji TV, I have studied with Robert McKee in an auditorium and in an invite-only private workshop.

Do get in touch if you are interested in joining me to discuss screenwriting and spatial cinema. In the beginning of 2021, I hope to be organized enough to be giving regular online presentations, perhaps setting up online lessons.

Ar entrepreneur Stephen Black interview
Kevin Turley, creative director from Mount Bonnell Media, interviewing Stephen Black

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