Self-portrait as a Game

Hong Kong 1995:

To pay the bills you work as a promo producer for Cartoon Network/Turner Classic Movies. At a wild party in a hair salon very early on a Sunday morning,  a beautiful Japanese woman says you should meet Seki, because, “he’s a genius.” You:

a. Get Seki's contact info

b. Thank her and misbehave

You show up at Seki’s. Your eyes immediately become glued to:

a.  Seki, a short, charming man with a moustache; part Mr. Magoo, part card shark

b. The wireframe model of a lens displayed on the monitor on his desktop.

c. The postcards of rabbits on the wall

The Handover of Hong Kong from Great Britain to China is over and you have become a freelancer. You get a job as a producer for CNN, a music program called Worldbeat. You  go to Singapore to cover the WOMAD Festival, with the help of a fantastic assistant and a great cameraman. As you get back onto the plane to return to Hong Kong, you think:

a. I ‘m never coming back here again.

b. What a fascinating multicultural, cosmopolitan first world country.  A truly desirable and charming place in which to reside!

You are now in Tokyo, to  set up and manage the six television channels operated by Fox, who have just set up operations in Japan. That contract ends and you write a movie script and search for  ways to produce the film. Eventually you have to leave and re-enter the country for visa reasons. You go to:

a. Shanghai

b. Singapore

Singapore is where has Seki set up his $3.2  million  startup. The company has two divisions: one is doing something like Youtube; a platform for user-generated video content. (This is three years before Youtube.) The other division is creating a 3D/VR software for game development. The software is educational and entertaining and you have never seen anything like it. Seki asks you to join him, for a reasonable salary and a stake in the company. You:

a. Join Seki

b. Return to Tokyo to make a film

October 24, Singapore Science Center. Two years after joining Seki, the gamemaking software will premiere as part of the  three-month long Planet Games exhibition at the Singapore Science Center. You set up a small table with an average-size monitor and big CPU. Next to you is a large maze made out of blue plastic sheets;  something called AR Pacman. You and the AR Pacman team are the only exhibitors in the Future section.

Finally after more than ten years of hard work, Seki’s dream is a reality. The morning of the premiere, Seki:

a. Dies from a heart attack

b. Announces plans for the IPO be continued....

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