Snake Lighter Opening Night

Without the app, there was nothing to see, of course. It was just a typical loading dock, once used by companies that manufactured things. I was told that the world's first air conditioner was installed in the building connected to the dock. The air conditioner was required by a company that printed on paper; consistent air temperature meant fewer variables for concerns like humidity and ink drying time.

The artworks in Snake Lighter need no humidity control, no frames, no security guards. They are, simply, an experience always waiting to happen, always waiting to be shared.

One of the five snake lighters, the only physical objects on display.

On a technical level, Snake Lighter is historic; the first fine art installation created with GeoPose-based AR. On a personal level, Snake Lighter fills me with a hurricane of powerful thoughts, emotions and memories. Daniel took a chance on a new art form that no one had ever used before. XR Masters supported my vision, 1000% and pulled off the magic needed to do last minute fine-tuning. Augmented.City again provided a supportive rock solid foundation that I could create with. Scandy's scans worked out great. Thank you all, and thank you to all of those who came.

"Wow". The biggest possible.

Snake Lighter is part of Bushwick Open Studios weekend. From Monday the 20th, until the night of Sunday the 26th, the Snake Lighter experience is open by appointment.

Technical support/thank you!:






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