Snake Lighter

This show is historic in that it is the first use of GeoPose to create an art installation in the United States, if not the world.


Before you come, download the free XR Masters app to see the AR Artworks.

It's free and there's s no big hassle to sign up.



There will be some viewing devices at the installation, but better to have the app in your phone.

Charge your phone, and remember to use #snakelighter. Thanks and see you soon!

First, let me thank Augmented.City and XR Masters and Scandy and Mad Marker and the OARC and Six Cats Studios and Flamingo Filters ...

These companies are in the avant-garde of AR on a technical level. At the same time, their pioneering softwares have been solidly proven to work. I am not the most technical person in the world, yet the great instructions and services provided by these companies has allowed me to focus on creating without feeling frustrated. Hawkeye Crates does fine art crating and have helped tremendously with the physical materials side of things. THANK YOU ALL.


SO... my first post about Snake Lighter seems to not show up in search very well, so I am repeating information from that post.

Opening: Friday September 17, 2021. 6-8 PM. Saturday and Sunday, from 11-2

The exhibition can be seen by appointment until September 26.

To schedule an appointment or interview, or for more information, contact Stephen Black:

Location: Hawkeye Crates Loading Dock, 272 Morgan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211 

BYOB We will do our best to make this a memorable opening party, but we are high on art, low on budget. And there isn't any sort of store nearby.

Snake Lighter is honored to be part of Bushwick Open Studios (BOS). Be sure to check out the other artists.

Daniel and I both need to update our artist bios.

The website of the audio artist, Antonello Arciuli, can be found here.

This show is historic in that it is the first use of GeoPose to create an art installation in the United States, if not the world.

You can learn a bit about GeoPose here. And here, where there is a technical bio for SB.

We will have at least two Apple viewing devices to see the AR dimension of Snake Lighter.

However, you can also download the free AR viewing iOS app by XR Masters.

Besides Snake Lighter, there will be a number of other artworks, including prints and videos.

I am very excited to be able to share the excitement of GeoPose-based AR. Working with Daniel and Antonello continues to be an artistic highlight for me.

Thanks for your interest in Snake Lighter.Hope to see you soon.


Stephen Black

PS... Bubiko will very likely make an appearance. Thank you Novaby! Here is Bubiko's Instagram.

Finally, here is an image from Grand Stop, the first collaboration between SB and SB.

The following is from the STEPS app; they are partnering with Bushwick Open Studios...

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