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SPOKEN Press Release, photos, notes for media

LAST MINUTE ADDITION: Eugene has created a giant replica of Jeff Koon's Balloon Dog, as well as an interactive game inspired by the vase-smashing legacy of Ai Weiwei.

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About Eugene Soh

About Stephen Black


Department For Artistic Research(DFAR) Turtles, Laser Beams and Nicki Minaj (October 2014)

Art Radar (HK) (September 2014)

Time Out Singapore (July 2014)




SPOKEN,  a virtual exhibition curated by Eugene Soh and Stephen Black, features an eclectic mix of twenty artists and twenty writers, including Stelarc, Vincent Leow, Yasumasa Morimura, Xu Xi, Sjon, Richard E. Elliot, Rui Ho An and Jamie Grefe.

SPOKEN refers to the fact that the curators have spoken to the artists in the exhibition, a simple yet profound commonality. The venue for the exhibition is, the creation of Eugene Soh.

Additionally, the text pieces and more will be available in the e-catalogue for the exhibition.
SPOKEN launches on September 24, 2014. Social media will be used to create three tiers of awareness. The initial wave of publicity focuses upon the art,the artists and the virtual gallery itself, The second tier focuses upon the music, both the gallery soundscape and additional music by composer Tommy J. Finally, the results of the SPOKEN writers' lab will be presented. The virtual gallery concludes on February 14, 2015, though the ecatalogue and other online materials will remain available. A machinima animated movie is also now in pre-production.
This link provides much more information about the artists, writers, curatorial concerns and more.

This link provides the background on Eugene and Stephen's relationship to virtual reality, art and gaming.

-Come back often (or sign up for updates) for news of artist's upcoming events, as well as interviews, videos and more.


Artist roster:

Mel Araneta, David Black, Stephen Black, Christophe Charles, Paul Dodd, Andrés García-Peña, Morvarid K,  Godwin Koay, Dan Lacey, Hans Lagner, Vincent Leow, Morimura Yasumasa, Paul Pereira, Kembra Pfahler, David Severn, Arleen Schloss, Eugene Soh, Stelarc, Lily Su, Liqing Xue,


September 17 Official launch

Closing: February 14, 2015 EXTENDED


-An original concept by Eugene Soh, is unique, informative and entertaining.

-Visitors can easily walk through the gallery and chat with each other.

div style="color: #222222;">- inspired by the Hawkeye Crates Art Space in Brooklyn, the virtual gallery features numerous architectural details as well as a few surprises.

- the artworks were the starting point for the layout and the gallery was created specifically for them. Lighting and information displays are dedicated to each individual artwork.

-social media is used, as much as possible, not separate from the gallery, but interacting with it.

-a free ecatalogue is available

-The artworks are available for sale, prices upon request.
The official photographer/documentarist for SPOKEN is Rachel  Minn Lee. Her book about Marseille and contact details are here.
Contact *Stephen Black email: bookmerah "at" gmail

Text, stories and memory are part of the  SPOKEN experience.

About is a web domain owned by Eugene Soh. The first show at was the Web Art show, which opened in April, 2014. The Web Art Show featured 15 artists and one writer/artist, mainly Singaporeans. These artists were also owners of websites like,, etc.The Web Art Movement refers to the art and artists utilizing domain names from Eugene Soh's collection.

The Straits Times, on the 29th of April, 2014:

“Although unique, the presence of under-scores the varied, exciting landscape of art galleries in the digital age and it points to how two models of galleries, online and offline, sometimes conflate.”

Avatars enjoying a glass of wine at the th eopening of teh SPOKEN virtual exhibition
The ability to meet other people online is yet another dimension to SPOKEN.

Photo credit: dfar and Clarence Aw

Virtual gallery curators at the opening of their exhibition
Glasses in hand, the avatars of Stephen Black and Eugene Soh welcome visitors

Photo credit: Eugene Soh,

Virtual reality Goggles being worn by a Singaporean Chinese and a Caucasian
The co-producers of SPOKEN, Eugene Soh and Stephen Black pose in the Singapore Art Museum

Photo credit: dfar and Clarence Aw

Captioned virtual reality scene with two real men in it
Art is a turtle in a land of laser beams, drones and mobile phones. Eugene  Soh and Stephen Black in a virtual landscape

Photo credit: dfar and Clarence Aw

Floating balloon dog
Euegene Soh's tribute to Jeff  Koons' balloon dog floats over the virtual landscape.

Photo credit: Nhung Walsh

Avatar drinking
Wall:overhead perspective

Photo credit: Nhung Walsh

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