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  • Those who are creating plans for PPE often do not have the time to write about them clearly nor make them accessible on the internet.
  • Those who are looking for the latest and most reliable information to make PPEs may not find them easily.
  • Incorrect/dangerous practices and materials being used for PPE.
  • Inefficient use of time and resources, in a situation where every minute is crucial.

Since March 30, I have been working full time to minimize these problems. At least two posts per day so far.

Screenshot , morning of Saturday , April 11.

Your help in keeping this project going is greatly appreciated. You don't need money to help. In fact, you can even get a free AR learning experience. (And meet Bubiko!) Click here.

Stephen Black

About me, Stephen Black:

Writer, AR researcher and producer, artist, traveler. I've written several books including one, now discontinued, about a medicinal mushroom.

When the time is right, I will continue with my AR research and startup ideas. As well as the art and writing projects.


Stephen Black

Here is a photo from my first presentation at MIT about Augmented Reality, taken in 2019.

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