Stephen Black: AR startup in Singapore. Why?

An outline of reasons as to why Singapore is the place for Stephen Black's planned  AR startup.

    1. As Creative Director/Producer for the CDK, a CG-generated VR project for a Singapore-based joint venture, SB became very familiar with Singapore's working environment, including government policies and business practices. (The CDK is described more fully at
    2. As a long-term resident based in Singapore since 2002, and the author of a bestselling book about Singapore (i ate tiong bahru), SB has a familiarity with Singapore as well as a personal and professional network.
    3. The government of Singapore provides support for VR and VR-related startups.

      VR in Singapore

    4. As a teacher of VR-related educational software in the Singapore educational system, SB has experience "in the trenches", regarding the demands of institutions, schools, teachers and students. The Singapore Ministry of successfully tested the CDK and  presented the results at an international educational symposium.
    5. Singapore is a regional hub, with strong connections throughout Southeast Asia, India, China and Japan. This fact, combined with SB's living experiences in Japan, Hong Kong, Paris, New York and Bali create a strong  possibility for an active beta network that will be an influential force for global take-up.
      two male avatars in a very red gallery
      Stephen Black and Eugene Soh in the virtual lobby of, the location for the SPOKEN exhibition

      6. Safe and stable, Singapore has trustworthy legal and business infrastructures.

      7. English: yes! Other languages? Yes, yes, yes and yes!

8.Singapore's multicultural population is also very smartphone savvy.

Stephen Black teaching gamemaking in Singapore

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