Hello from Austin! For professional and personal reasons, the ARphabet Tour has been postponed. Once the Bubiko Foodtour app is out, we will focus on how to get the ARphabet Tour in motion.

Hi! There will soon be an Indiegogo campaign for the ARphabet Tour.A

The ARphabet Tour is a 100 day tour of the U.S. and Canada by Stephen Black. The ARphabet Tour has three components: AR, Readings and Writing Workshops (based on SB's books) and the Mango Sticky Rice Experience.

The ARphabet Tour starts with a presentation at ARIA @MIT.

Update: Kabaq will be provide the tour with AR Mango Sticky Rice!

What is the ARphabet Tour About?

Support/ Join the ARphabet Tour......................sign up on Indiegogo.

Why is this happening so fast? 

The Augmented Reality aspect is explained here.

The Readings and Workshops aspect is explained here.

The Mango Sticky Rice Experience is explained here.

Eight reasons to SPONSOR the ARphabet Tour

The ARphabet Tour in your town: how to schedule it.

AR Characters: Bubiko Foodtour

AR Characters: Secret Donut WorldA

ARCharacters: The Dundercats

AR Characters: The Doughbots

AR Characters: Green Bean Boy

Friends of the ARphabet Tour

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