The Baby Steps of Bubiko Foodtour



A lot has been happening since this was posted. For example, Bubiko went to the Penang Food Festival in KL.

Bubiko's Instagram is here. Twitter. This past weekend SD(Suitcase Delicious) and I began serious work on the Bubiko Foodtour blog. For now we are using an iPhone and a toy doll, but plans for an original character are underway. Initially we are focusing on the food of Southeast Asia. The posts are entertaining and informative. Augmented reality and 3D animation ideas are also being discussed and refined. For now, we are developing ways to offer value to fans of Bubiko. A new website with a store is being planned. The Bubiko Foodtour blog is here.

a meal of bitter gourd soup
bitter gourd soup

A list of Bubiko's blog posts can be found here.

Bubiko Foodtour on Instagram

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