The Cinematography Book/Notes and a Reviewer

The Cinematography Book is not going to have that for title. I am now working on a proposal for a book on how lenses and computers are now redefining cinematography. But the title? Well.

My first title was Angelic Visions: VR, AR, Drones and Cinematography's Second Life. Here is one of a few related posts, this one about Matt Seigel's 4K video class. And yes, I had the following idea for a cover, but that guy in the photo, with the word "angelic" nearby, didn't seem right...

a symbol for cinematography

For a book like this, it is important to have reviewers. Reviewers are not proofreaders; they are most important in the initial stages. Once I have the chapter outlines and the structures for the chapters themselves, I'll run it past the reviewers. The reviewers I have in mind are not all cinematographers. For now I am pleased to announce that Stelarc has agreed to be a reviewer. With his extra-extraordinary background as a performance artist and his recent experiences with a RED 6K cameras, 2 GH4 bodies, a slider, a lighting set, a 4K drone and a motorized 3 axis gimbal, his  input is a unique honor to have and I am very grateful.

What kind of book am I thinking of? I have ideas for sure, but the most attractive part of writing for me is the evolution; the way that new routes and ideas appear unexpectedly. This will not be a technical manual, that is for sure.

Hopefully I do not sound pretentious, but I am inspired by two books: Towards A New Architecture and In Praise of Shadows.
Le Corbusier, the visionary architect, wrote Towards A New Architecture early in the last century, at a time when architecture suddenly was faced with the possibilities of concrete, steel,  and electricity. Now, cinematography is faced with the possibilities of extremely high resolution digital recording technology, motion sensors, GPS, drones, AR, VR and more....

The other book, In Praise of Shadows, was written by Junichiro Tanizaki in 1933. It is meditative collection of essays about how we perceive the world.
However, though I will aim for the classic feel of these two texts, I am sure to also throw in stylistic influences from cyberpunk, the Marx Brothers and I Ate Tiong Bahru!

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