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The Cinematography Book/Notes and Eugene Soh

As part of the research for the book, I am interviewing Eugene Soh, a friend, an artist and the man who made SPOKEN happen. Here he is onstage...

Eugene is an innovator, a happy spirit and one never knows what he will do next. In 2014, however, at the Singapore Art Museum, he presented a piece called Lizard Vision, which, to some extent, allowed humans to see the world the way that lizards do. The installation also featured a set up that allowed participants to see themselves  with a "god's eye" view and another set up that allowed two participants to see through the eyes of the other. Here is the link. The project also was exhibited in Amsterdam and here is a video.

Eugene and I have just started discussing this topic, and I have just begun to formulate my questions.

>For now, I would want to ask Eugene the following:

-Can you share any links, books, videos or other references that shaped the project?

-Your thoughts, please, Eugene, on the "falseness" of this project. By that I mean that the brains of lizards and horses are different than ours, of course. So, to use a VR term, they "stitch" the scenes together differently. Or, more simply, they process the information from the eyes differently. Also, lizards and horses likely perceive motion differently than we do. The second link below is an animated film related to what I am thinking about and hoping to learn more about.

More to come!


Lateral vision in humans link to Daily Mail article


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