twlephone pole, white houses, Sylvania avenue

The Day I Heard the Moths

Moths In the Attic: the interview in the Toledo City Paper was the start. The demos on the MITA website clinched it. This band is something! They were scheduled to play in Grand Rapids, making me even more excited because Grand Rapids is near Singapore. But MITA was scheduled for Grand Rapids, Ohio not Grand Rapids, Michigan and the Singapore idea is another story for another day, so I will just stop rambling and share the photographs from the day I heard the Moths.

a rectangular shape of light on a dark wooden floor, the chair of a leg like a plant

Toledo Ohio, Sylvania Avenue. A field, a barrier and the evening sky.
a woman getting into a car, face not seen, a red swing the background., she holds a key in her hand.
a TV screen showing a pitcher and a batter, the baseball betwen them
Moths playing

West Toledo at twilight. Houses on Overland Parkway.
American seeds Wildflower blend sunny area seed package
Colorful balloons tied to a tree near a street
Moths in the Attic. Kevin Jorrey, Zack Fletcher, Mike Williams
Red tulip in the shade of a large tree on a sunny day.
cherry blossoms and hair
A clock  that is a Mickey Mouse watch, a lamp , abed
Two daisies and their shadow
Moths in the Attic at the Art and Performing arts Center of West Toledo
large tree in front of a house at twilight


Post about Music at SXSW 2019

Stephen Black video interview about the 3how music/theatre/project

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