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The Photographs of Mee-Young Arkim in Bali: Background

The first of a series of essays on my relationship with, and thoughts on, using photography to create art. My collaboration with the artist Mee-Young Arkim is a starting point and a reference.

artwork by Mee_young Background:

I met Mee-Young at the Red Dot Museum in Singapore, at MAAD, their monthly event featuring artists and designers. Mee-Young had read one of my books and I was interested in her work as an artist. Although Mee-Yong is fluent in French and her native Korean, we communicated in English by exchanging carefully crafted questions and answers. She gave me her card months ago. In Bali, I had become excited about moving into a house that is separated from rice fields by a gray brick wall. I felt I had to make a section of that wall into something like a stage. I would put my laptop on it, display an image and create an image, maybe an artwork, maybe Art.

Photographing a laptop display is a simple thing when the laptop is the only light source in the room. But trying to do the same thing (without using Photoshop) outside in the daytime is full of challenges, mainly the overpowering brightness of the sun and reflections. So, I thought that I would do the project daily, either at sunrise or sunset.The images would, hopefully, be filed with the dark blueness of sky, the vibrant greens of the rice field, the rough grey of the brick wall and the dynamic image on the laptop. Conceptually, I was satisfied with this approach as a starting point.

While preparing for the move to the new house, I found Mee-Young's card, which led me to her website. Her artworks and accomplishments impressed me. I especially liked the simplicity of a piece called Rite of Silence....

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