Book Merah Heart Newspaper Drumsticks

Newspaper Drumsticks refers to a poem about a man in prison who wants to make music, wants to play drums. He uses his best engineering skills to make a pair of drumsticks from the Atoka County Times. The drummer has a brother in Alaska, and he writes to him as much as he can. Tyler Dempsey, receives his brother's letters. The letters make him laugh and cry. The letters also inspired Tyler to create poems from them.

Book Merah is excited and honored to be given the chance to publish Tyler's work. The poems are strong, yet vulnerable; personal yet universal. There is also a recipe/poem about Not Pizza.

The poet Jenee Rodriguez did an interview with Tyler. It's here, on her website.

Now available on Amazon.

Two poems from this book are here.

Tyler's website is here.

@tylercdempsey on twitter

Here is one of the book's 40 poems.

I Won’t Be Inert

I see a lot 











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