VIEW project first draft (AR/3D/Bubiko/spatial cinema)

It is in motion!

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The ability to make a presentation at VIEW (the annual GFX conference in Turin, Italy) is a dream come true. Last year I was stunned by the quality of of very single presentation. Of course, the presented associated with movies like Star Wars, Spiderman and the Incredibles were as stellar as one would expect, but the technicians and artists who shared their stories and expertise were also awe inspiring. I feel an enormous pressure to present the work of myself and my partner, Sayuri Okayama, to VIEW and beyond.

The following Powerpoint is important for understanding my project; yet it is already outdated; I have to add the works of artists and app makers. I have an urgent need to get the word out. Part of that urgency involves building relationships with supporters and sponsors. In my case, at this time, I don't think Patreon or Kickstarter is the way to go. This is the first step towards finding sponsors. But all are welcome to add a tip to my Paypal account. ar2wheels (atmark) gmail .com THANK YOU!

I am very excited to introduce Bubiko to a larger audience, as well as explain how GeoPose will impact all of AR. Additionally, I am honored to curate apps and artists that exemplify the steps being made towards spatial cinema.

The era of spatial cinema is dawning!


Stephen Black

PS..."Spatial cinema"... what do you think of that phrase? On the Powerpoint, I used "Motion Pictures"... that was a temporary measure.

July 20, 2020

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