hand draw graphic about VR

Virtual Reality for Beginners/Simple Chart/Designer Project

(as I look at this, three years later, in 2018, i realize how much I have experienced.)

hello... Hey designer/designers... the basic  idea for this chart is still solid, but drop me a line so I can update you as to what needs to be added or removed. THANKS!

THIS POST IS RAW MATERIAL. I hope that a designer or designers will make this into something brilliant. I will then promote it as much as I can.Of coure teh designer should share it as well. It has been my experience that many people have questions about VR, questions that a chart like this can answer. So, if you are designer, I hope you will see what you do. I think there is a large audience that will be looking for something like this.

So, do let me know what you think and help me promote your skills as well as educate people about VR. NOTE: The drawing below isn't exactly right. See the notes below. (I drew this when I didn't have internet access to check things.)

hand draw graphic about VR
hand drawn notes for a chart that explains VR to beginners

Here is the text:

Watching VR is simple and magical. For example, when you turn your head to toward the  left of the scene, you see a lot of what i on the left of the scene. Just like reality. When you tun and look behind , you see what is behind you. And when you look up. you see the sky or whatever is above the main scene. The camers nd technologies to make VR create a very life-like experience.

There are two approaches to viewing VR.

1. Holder+ Android Phone

A holder is like a pair of glasses that hold a Androidphone. Holders can be made from cardboard or plastic.

2. VR Device

VR Devices are designed to create optimum VR experiences. They are usually comfortable, stylish and expensive.


-Watching VR is almost like being blindfolded. Of course you can see what is on the screen, but you cannot see the room you are sitting in.

-VR has had a relationship with gaming for a long time. As a result there is a lot of content for gamers. However, VR projects are now being developed for entertainment, music, art, business, medical and tourist-related applications.

Text: Stephen Black www.blacksteps.tv

Design by:


I was wrong about iPhones and VR. So disregard that. And, "helmet" isn't the best word. Seems like VR Device or HMD (Head Mounted Device) are the most common phrases.

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