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Latest news! In October, in Turin, Italy, SB will be at: VIEW (last year's event featured Brad Bird (The Incredibles, The Iron Giant), as well as talents responsible for animation for Game of Thrones, Toy Story, Star Wars and Spiderman: the Spider-verse, and more.)


volumetric portrait of Stephen Back by Chiaki Williams w Scandy

Stephen Black will be giving the following presentations on Augmented Reality (AR). 

All are free and require no knowledge of AR. AR is a rapidly growing technology which is already benefiting education, industry, the arts, medicine and entertainment. Attendees will leave with an understanding of AR and its huge potential.


Altimetrik Collider January 23 6PM

Autonomous Vehicles and AR

Thursday, Jan 23, 2020, 6:00 PM

Altimetrik Collider
1500 Woodward Detroit, MI

13 Members Went

REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/autonomous-vehicles-and-ar-tickets-90072999767 ABOUT THE EVENT: After an introduction to AR and its latest developments, there will be an overview of AR’s likely impact upon road safety, traffic management, and vehicle-to -vehicle communication. Ideas on AR/AV entertainment and education possibilities wi...

Check out this Meetup →

Autonomous Vehicles and AR

After an introduction to AR and its latest developments, there will be an  overview of AR’s likely impact upon road safety, traffic management, and vehicle-to -vehicle communication. Ideas on AR/AV entertainment and education possibilities will also be introduced. Finally, there will be a special focus on  the possibilities and challenges of GeoPose. (As URLS are to the internet, GeoPose will be to AR). 


Main Public Library Community Room February 4, 2-8pm

An Introduction to Augmented Reality

An interactive presentation meant to be fun,  flexible and informal, with a 15 minute presentation being repeated throughout the day. Simple AR projects, as well as 3D modelling and volumetric photography will be demonstrated. 

Questions of all kinds are encouraged, especially about  the use of AR for small businesses, education and the arts.

MIT MEDIA LAB/Augmented Reality in Action (ARIA) Leadership Summit

February 12

Topic: How will the utilization of GeoPose become standardized?

As URLS are to the internet, GeoPose will be to XR.

The concept of the mirrorworld is becoming widely understood. But exactly how will end users be able to access the digital information augmenting the physical world? GeoPose are the answer, but what are the challenges that need to be overcome to make them a universal standard?  Based on his AR research tour of Europe, Asia and the United States, Stephen Black presents an overview of GeoPose progress in 2020.

This presentation reflects Stephen Black’s independent research on GeoPose, as well as his exchanges with the OARC (Open Augmented Reality Cloud), including participation in the 2019 OARC Symposium in Munich.

For additional dates and more information: https://blacksteps.tv/wall-clouding/

New developments: SXSW (Austin), OARC/AWE (Santa Clara)


Stephen Black

Focused on AR since 2016, Stephen Black and Sayuri Okayama have researched  AR, created an international AR network, and developed an AR-based character called Bubiko Foodtour. An AR app with Bubiko is expected to be completed in 2020. Bubiko  Footour is on Twitter and Instagram. The 3D version of Bubiko was created in partnership with Novaby.

Stephen has made AR presentations at Tech Crunch Shenzhen, Hong Kong PolyU, the Collider in Detroit, the Paris Augmented Reality Influences Show, MIT and the 2019 Open Augmented Reality Cloud Symposium.

Stephen is the author of  a number of books, including a bestseller. His latest is an ebook: Bubiko Foodtour’s Unusual Guide to Augmented Reality. A review is here.

His diverse life experiences include associations with Cartoon Network, a $3.2 million dollar startup, the Singapore Biennale, butoh projects, co-partner of an art space in Tokyo,  and active participation in New York’s legendary Lower East Side art scene. A resident of Asia for many years, Stephen now divides his time between New York, Toledo Ohio, Natchez Mississippi and Tokyo. 

Available upon request: Stephen’s resumes as a photographer, a video maker, a visual artist, a music producer and a writer. 

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This post gives you an idea about the international 2019 Presentations, and there is an interview  about AR and Bubiko.



Untitled volumetric image by Stephen Black

The following is from  2019 SXSW.

Howdy SXSW'ers!

I would be most happy, and honored, to chat with you about anything you like. Sayuri Okayama, my partner, and I will be in Austin for a day or two after SXSW.

Poke around this blog if you want to know about my various projects: books, music, AR, VR, games and more. This post is full of examples I used for my presentations at Hong Kong Polytechnic.

This VR short film was featured at festivals in Singapore, Brisbane and Las Vegas. https://veer.tv/videos/beach-road-203361

360 films


Another VR film, needs only postproduction and audio mixing. It is called Lotus Mountain, and was shot with GoPros and an 8K Obsidian sponsored by Kandao. An original soundtrack by Rei Shimizu, plus a song from the Riverwalk Session album by 3how.

Bubiko and the Unicorn, one of my latest public presentations as part of the ARphabet Tour.  The presentation took place at ARIA (Augmented Reality in Action) at MIT in January.

An article about Houqianbei, the heart of China's Silicon Valley.

Bubiko Foodtour is involved with some very interesting AR, VR and book projects. Look for Bubiko on Instagram, Facebook, twitter @bubikofoodtour and soon...  in an AR game of her own!  Bubiko also guest starred in an AR game demo by Dominique Wu (Hummingbirdsday Studio) and Michael Stragey (Spongebob Squarepants, Avenged Sevenfold, Barbie).

3how  music  yes

Bubiko Foodtour
Obama Search Words by Stephen Black

Cover of Stephen Black's book of historical fiction about the life of Barack Obama. Now, during SXSW, my books are discounted on Amazon... other books include Bali Wave Ghost, and i ate tiong bahru.

So there ya go!


Stephen Black


Wall Clouding: a collaboration.

Unplanned yet professional, like  this.

And this.

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