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Welcome Goodreads People!

Hello and welcome to my website. You are probably here because you had indicated that Bali Wave Ghost is on your to-read list. So... thanks! I worked on BWG for over three years, during which time I lived in Sanur and Ubud, two different areas. Sanur is a quiet village on the Sea of Bali, Ubud is the artistic center of Bali and located up near the mountains. The story and my writing style are not simply explained, but the text on Amazon  gives you some idea. This video interview also explains more about Bali Wave Ghost, me, my writing style and my other books. Photos of Penastanan, a section of Ubud.... Here is a link to reviews of my last book, I Ate Tiong Bahru. If you like art, you may like this. If you are interested in VR and's a film I made. So, there ya go.... Thanks for stopping by! Onward, Stephen Black

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